“Emotional intelligence is one of the most misunderstood and underdeveloped aspects of human intelligence and its mastery is an incredible multiplier of human performance and life enjoyment.”

– Matt Luckman

As a Certified Unbeatable Mind Coach, Matt Luckman is passionate about guiding individuals, professionals, executives and teams through the integrated application of the Unbeatable Mind Operating System and delivering measurable, life-changing results.

With over three decades as a professional engineer, Matt coaches clients who have been leaders in science, information technology and engineering to get outside their rational comfort zone and amplify their performance, value and influence through the disciplined mastery of emotional intelligence.

Matt’s clients have shared that after working with him, they have experienced a more consistent state of flow, confidence and joy in their professional and personal lives.

Here’s what a couple of Matt’s clients had to say about working with him:

“Anyone who enlists Matt Luckman as a guide and companion on their journey toward self mastery will be fortunate indeed. It is hard to imagine a more inspiring, knowledgeable and experienced fellow traveler, and he seems to be able to strike that balance between accountability to goals and results and compassion and empathy for the challenges along the way. He’s like a Warrior/Monk/Engineer – a rare combination!” – Don Richmond

“Working with Matt was a Game Changer for me. Not only did I meet my goals, but I crushed them! Learning the UM system gave me the tools I needed, and a game plan, that I could put into action. I couldn’t have done it Matt who was there every step of the way!” – Rick Lockhart

After receiving his Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering from Villanova University in 1989, Matt has served in the roles of Process Design Engineer, Project Manager and President. He has led manufacturing, construction and consulting teams in the design, construction and operation of environmental remediation solutions for hundreds of groundwater pollution sites nationwide.

In addition to his coaching work with individuals and teams, Matt is the co-founder of the Assault on Average Fitness Academy, a growing online men’s community supporting positive values,

self-mastery and commitment to uncommon growth in fitness, family, brotherhood, leadership and service. These are men unwilling to accept average in their lives and instead choose to challenge and inspire each other every day to raise the bar.

As a husband and father of three, Matt understands the challenges of balancing career, entrepreneurial pursuits and family life. He practices and strives to model and master the Unbeatable Mind skills of emotional resilience, intuitive development and mental toughness on a daily basis to perform effectively, deepen and strengthen family relationships and fully appreciate the irreplaceable joy of family life.

When you work with Matt, he will be a dedicated guide and integral member of your team, whether working with you on your personal Unbeatable Mind journey or collaborating with your team to achieve unprecedented results.

When you’re ready to experience how a commitment to emotional mastery impacts your life and performance, your journey starts with a simple, friendly conversation and the courage to take one small step forward today for yourself and all those whom you serve.

Reach out to Matt at [email protected]