“Imagine getting up every day LOVING your life, excited about your future, and being in alignment with who you have come to be. That may seem like a stretch, but I know from first hand experience it can be done.

I am passionate about helping my clients develop Unbeatable Minds and living Unbeatable Lives.”

Laurel has a broad cross-industry background, from high-tech to the creative arts and writing.  Having worked for IBM, several startups (including her own) taught at Eastern Washington University, been a freelance columnist and published author, she has successfully reinvented herself multiple times.  Through each of these incarnations, a constant drive for self-mastery led her to becoming an Unbeatable Mind Coach, where her own transformation through meditation, Yoga, breathwork and dedicated study and application of the Unbeatable Mind practices and principles have brought her to the work she is most passionate about—Coaching.

In her coaching practice, Laurel works collaboratively with others as they develop self-mastery and transform uncovering their true potential.

Laurel has a BA with emphasis on Mathematics and Computer Science and an MS in Writing and Communications.  She is a certified NASM Physical Trainer, certified Q Process Facilitator and a Certified Unbeatable Mind Coach.  She continues to write articles and is currently working on her next book which focuses on the power of group meditations.

She lives in Spokane, WA where her two grown sons and their families also live.