Time for a new “roommate?!” 😉

What the hell is a roommate? That’s the voice in your head that continuously creates thoughts and speaks them to you. We’re often unaware how our roommate’s incessant chatter impacts our mindset, beliefs, and of the immense influence these words have on our reactions and thinking.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we had a roommate with the mindset of an elite Navy Seal? Imagine self-talk that helped you maintain crystal clear mission focus even when everything is going wrong. From my personal experience I know it is an amazing feeling to have such a roommate!

Hi, my Name is Kathy and I’m an Unbeatable Mind coach and Personal Trainer dedicated to helping others achieve their peak physical and mental performance. My personal journey started as Paratrooper in the German Armed Forces (2007). From there I studied sports at the German Sports University in Cologne (2009-2014). My two most recent milestones were the preparation for the KOKORO Camp in 2019 and earning my Unbeatable Mind Certification.

I grew up in a little village in Germany. I love nature, sports, and maintaining a winning mindset. I’m fascinated by diverse breathing techniques and have seen the immense impact breathing practices can have on our mental and physical states. I’ve come to love and appreciate every single minute of my life, even the most difficult times, because the pain and suffering of overcoming obstacles and hardships have made me a more understanding, grateful, and resilient person.

I’m eager to share with you proven, cutting-edge tools that have propelled me and others – including Navy Seals – to smash through mental limitations and achieve more than previously imagined. All you need is faith in yourself, the willingness to try and work hard, and the help of a good coach to encourage and keep you on track.

You can do this!

Stop letting your soon to be ex-roommate feed you reasons why not to act. You know deep down the truth, that in order to grow in new ways then it’s time for bold action in a new direction, with a new roommate. Your fascinating journey is waiting to begin! Be bold, give me a call, and let’s get started – Hooyah!