“Joe took the time to listen to my thoughts in each area of focus and carefully guided me to a place where I no longer feared rejection, failure, or hesitation.”—Patty Blancaflor (client)

Joe Lancaster complements his UM coach certification training with unique perspectives gained through a very unconventional childhood, coupled with the skills and experience gained through years of managing businesses; people; projects; facilities; and systems.

Not one to simply settle for ordinary, Joe colors his life with the pleasures of being very physically active at the age of 58. He enjoys endurance challenges; fitness competitions; outdoor activities; music; art; dancing (especially with Doris, his lovely wife and sweetheart of 35-plus years).

Joe has always sought to serve others by supporting their efforts to help themselves.

He has clocked numerous hours performing volunteer work with youth and community groups. He developed the skills of observation, support, encouragement, and strategic progress from more than a decade to coaching youth sport, and several years as a fitness coach and yoga instructor.

It’s not all about being active though. Joe has a deeply established appreciation for the full spectrum of life experiences. He knows the value of the quiet and calm; of not just “moving” through life, but of pausing to absorb its wonders.

Maybe you are looking to break through some perceived barrier, and 20X some part of your life. Or, maybe your challenge is not to add one more 20X conquest to your list but, instead, to truly experience life in a more fulfilling manner. Joe will work with you to co-create a plan that suits your specific needs.

Unbeatable Mind has the methods and the tools. Coach Joe Lancaster is ready to be your guide. Contact him to have the conversation that starts your transformation!


Is Unbeatable Mind for me?

“Whether you are at a crossroads or just want to sharpen your mental strength, Unbeatable Mind coaching will give you the clarity and tools to peruse your dreams and conquer life’s obstacles.”

What is the value of working with a UM coach?

”While working with Joe I was able to learn how to sort through the noise around me that can cloud direction and rational thought.”

What is it like, working with Joe Lancaster?

“Joe carefully walked me through each session and asked me questions that helped me re-direct my thoughts and turn dreams into actions. He took the time to listen to my thoughts in each area of focus and carefully guided me to a place where I no longer feared rejection, failure, or hesitation.”

What can I expect, if I commit to doing the UM program?

Experiencing and embracing Unbeatable Mind with Joe Lancaster was one of THE most pivotal moments of my life. Becoming unstoppable, living out loud, having confidence with just the right amount of humility….it cannot happen without the unshakable belief in the ability to overcome whatever life throws in your path. Thank you will never be enough!

“I learned so much that I carry with me on a daily basis and will continue to practice the strategies Joe implemented with me. I truly believe there is nothing I cannot accomplish, and I would not have that confidence without Joe’s coaching and encouragement.” — Patty Blancaflor, Admin Assistant/Member Experience Specialist for Stronger U