On an individual basis, Greg believes that everyone has the ability to perform at a 20X higher level in every aspect of their life. He also believes this is possible for the Teams and Relationships in our lives. This is the core belief that drove him to coach.

Greg has spent the last 25 years in corporate America building and developing highly effective Teams by establishing a foundation of Trust, Communication, Commitment, and a Continuous drive to get better each and every day. He believes that everyone has the capability of performing beyond their limitations to achieve 20X more than where they are today. Greg sees people for who they can be and not for who they are. This vision is what has driven him to become a coach for Unbeatable Mind. He has a deep-rooted sense of service to help others in reaching their goals and beyond.

He understands what it means to reach beyond his comfort zone in order to achieve big goals. He has completed multiple Full Ironman Races, 3 of which were done in a 12 month period while maintaining a thriving career, international travel, and raising a family of 5 children. He believes the biggest limitation to us achieving our goals is ourselves. He lives his life by 6 primary principles; Integrity, Team, and Mission First, Continuous Improvement, Extreme Ownership, embrace failure as a learning opportunity and always have fun no matter what the situation.

If you are tired of the common life, let’s have a conversation around becoming Uncommon.