“You don’t have to choose between success and happiness, Unbeatable Mind provides proven integral tools that allow you to look at things with unbiased eyes to improve your life and stop limiting yourself”

For over 25 years, David Brady has worked with individuals, teams, and organizations as a mentor, instructor, coach, partner, and team member.

He has successfully helped emerging businesses, Fortune 500 companies, as well as Military and governmental organizations identify and foster the right next-step competencies without judgment.

David has personally partnered 8 successful businesses and has a deep understanding of the struggles in growing a business within this overwhelmingly chaotic landscape. His fields of expertise include Leadership, Communication, Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Conflict Resolution, and Team building.

David has extensive experience and an incredible knack for engaging people quickly around their needs and goals, and provides exceptional tools that foster lasting growth and increased fulfillment!

While coaching, David applies his expertise to effectively help improve self-awareness, set and achieve goals, use effective time management strategies, learn stress management techniques, as well as other fundamental tools to retrain the mind. So whether the goal is to climb Mt. Everest, grow a business, be a better partner or parent, David can help you create a map to achieve your goals.

David’s Background

Before joining the civilian sector, David was a member of the United States Air Force. Having a chance to train with some of the best Mounted units in the world most notably Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Dallas Police Mounted Unit of which he is a graduate. David took what he had learned and began training our military and partner nations on how to utilize horses and mules for long-range patrols and police work.

After leaving the Air Force, David worked as an executive protective team leader providing in close protection for various dignitaries and heads of state in high-threat level environments.

Wanting to spend more time at home with his wife and daughter, David decided to change careers. He worked with two of the largest privately held dealer groups understanding the business. Then, taking a chance David went to work for the world leader in automotive re-marketing. David took what he had learned and created his own consulting business. Eventually partnering in a franchise dealership, through rapid expansion they grew to eight franchise dealerships within three years.

David now spends most of his time in South Tampa where he lives with his wife of 26 years who is still serving as a Command Sargent Major in the US Army. When not advising their grown daughter on life’s lessons learned they are engaged in various sporting activities and the community.