Have you ever wondered what makes Navy SEALs able to succeed when up to 85% of those who try to become SEALs fail? I was always fascinated by what made SEALs able to succeed and what I discovered was that it’s mental toughness and emotional resiliency that allows them to excel in almost any environment imaginable.

I thought this was an inherent trait that individuals were born with but in 2013 I discovered a book by Retired Navy SEAL Commander Mark Divine called “The Way of the SEAL”. In the book I discovered the same techniques SEALs use to excel can be learned by anyone and Commander Divine was teaching those techniques. I thought that if I learned these techniques I could be a better dad, businessman, partner, friend, athlete, and better at life in general.

Over the years since I’ve discovered “The Way of the SEAL” I’ve read all of Commander Divine’s books, I’ve completed the online Unbeatable Mind Academy, implemented the practices, and I’ve seen exponential growth in my own life physically, mentally, emotionally, intuitively, and spiritually.

In my 27 year business career, I’ve led high performing teams, been an individual contributor on high performing teams, coached and mentored teammates, and consulted with small businesses. Throughout my career, the thing that has driven me the most is coaching and mentoring and through Unbeatable Mind I’ve discovered that my purpose is to master myself and to help those around me do the same. So when the opportunity to become an Unbeatable Mind Certified Coach came along I jumped at the opportunity.

Now my mission is to help you reach your full potential in life and break down the barriers that are holding you back by helping you implement the tools of Unbeatable Mind into your own life.

Let’s get started today!