Faithful / Strong / Courageous

CJ Kirk’s focus is to advocate, mentor, and teach to discover and activate a unique and personal ETHOS for each of his clients. His goal is to support clients in living powerfully through courage, integrity and authenticity by developing a clear vision for the future – supported by unshakable mental toughness, emotional resilience, and a warrior’s heart.  Kirk earned his Unbeatable Mind coaching certification as a teammate of the first Unbeatable Mind Coaching Cohort.

Known to his students as, “Chief Kirk” in recognition of his extensive background, growing cadre of expert-level instructors, and continued contributions within the Krav Maga community, Kirk is a 20-year veteran of and third degree Black Belt in Krav Maga – having worked with tens of thousands of civilians, select local, state and federal law enforcement personnel, as well as, elements from branches of the U.S. military.

Kirk is a successful entrepreneur, thought-leader, author, and advocate within a growing, worldwide community of students.  Kirk is also the Founder/Chief Instructor of Krav Maga Houston, Ground Zero Tactical (tactical shooting & weapons coursework), Kravology: The Science of Self Defense (online magazine), and a co-founder of MIND BODY FUEL.

Kirk earned an MBA/Finance with honors from University of St. Thomas in Houston while balancing full-time work in the securities industry.  Kirk’s prior education also includes a BBA/Entrepreneurship from Baylor University, as well as, multiple certifications spanning several somatic disciplines.

Kirk has held several positions of note including: Strategy Director (Questia), Benchmarking Coordinator (APQC), and Customer Value Analysis Consultant (Gale Consulting) – delivering actionable insight to the C-Suite, Director Level personnel, and Team Managers within Fortune 500 companies across seven distinct vertical markets.

Kirk has utilized the power of ETHOS and breath to successfully complete the Houston Marathon, a seven-hour Krav Maga Black Belt test, the UM-inspired 45 minute unbroken plank, the UM Spartan March Challenge (240 miles of work in 8 days), and QUORUNDAM (The 24-Hour Krav Maga Crucible).

More importantly, Kirk has utilized ETHOS and breath, as well as the concept of integrating the physical, mental, emotional, intuitive, and spirit to support his clients in achieving and exceeding their goals over the past 10 years.

Kirk is a dedicated father and husband, residing in Houston, Texas.