You are not lost, you are just having issues navigating your Map.

Do you need support by finding your path through the chaos and living your mission?

Here is your pathfinder.

In my former life, I was a nerd, some say I still am. 🙂

If you want to hear my story or get coached in German, well here I am.

Somewhere during my 20 years working in the realization of digitization projects, I realized that the biggest issue with project management is never the technology, but rather that thing between the ears. So, I started to explore the area of mental toughness and personal development.

My own journey with Unbeatable Mind (UM) began back in 2012. What I learned there helped me to become the person I am today—and that could not have happened without Unbeatable Mind.

Many of the UM techniques and tools have since been incorporated into my own work and I continue to research new and different ways to bring UM to day-to-day living.

From drawing my own map based on values and passion to finding my way in a chaotic environment, UM practices help me to stay the course when difficulties arise.

As I continued to develop myself, I again found myself in a position to lead, this second time not again as a member of the German military, but in a high-speed Biotech startup—and I wanted to be a better leader. This is how I found the Unbeatable Mind Coaching Program.

And it shows clearly, that the UM tools are a perfect fit for leading in a chaotic world.

At the beginning of this journey, I didn’t think it would help me to find my personal mission and purpose. I had no idea how many awesome people i would meet on that trip and I had no idea how much joy and fulfillment I would get from passing on the things that I have learned to help me to deal with chaos–and so the next phase began.

Now I living my passion, purpose, and principles by supporting curious people who are in the process of creating their own maps. I guide them to discover their personal territory and potential—and by living their personal mission with passion.

Currently, I do this for both my team members in a high-speed Biotech Startup as well as for my Unbeatable Mind Coachees.

Be unbeatable