Catherine Dalipe is a global executive and leadership coach who is dedicated to working with clients as they awaken to their true potential. She accompanies her clients who are ready to strengthen their impact or are at an inflection point in their careers and personal lives wanting to create a life that also honors their values. With a passion for manifesting one’s potential, she is driven by a desire to bring fresh perspectives and provide insightful guidance to help individuals and teams flourish. She brings a fresh lens to defining and prioritizing what truly matters through candid discussions and provocative questions.

You might be exploring an entirely new career direction, are at a pivotal moment in your life, are feeling stuck and not knowing how or where to begin. You might be wishing to relaunch you and design a well-lived life or want to know how to show up as a leader by broadening your vision, perspectives, capacities and connections to those around you.

Leveraging her 30 years of leadership experience in the international education industry, Catherine brings to her coaching a unique combination of intuition and curiosity creating an empathetic and practical strategic approach in guiding individuals and teams. Catherine’s business experience includes strategic consulting as well as leadership and executive roles in governmental agencies and private organizations where she oversaw multi-site global operations and led high-performance global teams.

Catherine holds a B.S. in Biology from Creighton University and a Master’s Degree from The Monterey Institute of International Studies. She received her coaching certification from Unbeatable Mind in 2018. She currently collaborates with well-known international organizations such as The Designing Your Life Group, Global Leadership League and Lead5050.

Catherine embraces and lives the Unbeatable Mind lifestyle having participated in four UM Summits (2015 – 2018) and USCrossFit. She also successfully completed the SEALFIT Basic Training Course, SEALFIT 20X and Unbeatable Mind Academy. Catherine applies the Unbeatable Mind Five Mountain Principles in all aspects of her life, putting into practice a healthy and fit lifestyle, mental toughness, emotional resilience and Kokoro Spirit by participating in Spartan Races, half-marathons and full marathons and 10-day Vipassana silent retreats.

Isn’t it time to re-imagine and re-create your life and live with deeper authenticity, meaning and courage?

If you’re ready to live your brilliance, leverage your strengths, assert your differences, and relaunch your path with clarity and passion, LET’S GET STARTED. YOUR TIME IS NOW!

If you have questions about coaching and how to manifest your potential, let’s connect.

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