“How long are you going to wait before you demand the best of yourself?” -Epictetus.

As the world seems to get more complicated, we all crave balance and the ability to increase our capacity, have better relationships, a better body, better mind, be a better parent, spouse, boss, make more money, and do more!

You are here because you recognize that integration is the only way to truly transform. There are no quick fixes, but science-based proven methods. As a fitness coach, I programmed nutrition and exercise regimens. As a Masters Level Life Coach, I challenged emotional barriers, helped clients navigate past pain and regrets, set boundaries and goals, and moved careers to the next level. As a Cognitive Trainer, I operated in the realm of neural training and mental models, previously only reserved for elite athletes and special forces to challenge fear response, promote positive psychology tenets, and access flow state. We now have the first fully integrated personal development model and I am uniquely qualified to coach you through it.

Physical results are not random. Performance is not random. I have trained a diverse spectrum of clients and goals, from postnatal weight loss to competitive power-lifters. From professional women balancing motherhood and careers, to cops, firefighters, college athletes and soldiers.

I want to hear what YOU want out of this ONE life.

Lets talk and see if we are a fit!

[email protected]

Some Credentials:

  • Current Performance Coach at Arizona State University
  • National Junior Kickboxing Champion
  • 15 years playing College, Military, and Senior Women’s Rugby
  • All-Stars Representative for USA Rugby
  • Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology
  • Licensed Unbeatable Mind Coach
  • Certifications in Mental Coaching by Olympic Coaching Committee
  • ACE Personal Training Certificates
  • USA Powerlifting Certificates
  • USA and World Rugby Coaching Certificates
  • Volunteer Youth Coach

When I’m not helping people access their full potential, I live with my husband and three children, ranging teenager to toddler. I enjoy finding adventure outdoors, fostering for an animal rescue, convincing husband to adopt said fostered animals, coaching my kids sports teams, good food, drinks, and time with good people.