“He who says he can and he who says he can’t are both usually right.” (Confucius)

I believe that everybody can and should live life to its fullest! Thus, I started my coaching career as a personal trainer, focussing mainly on the Physical Mountain of self-development. I worked with private and corporate clients, hobby athletes and professional athletes. Although training demands a specific amount of physical capacity from my clients, it also requires mental capacity – using the Big 4 of Mental Toughness during the workouts and developing all 5 Mountains on a daily basis. I believe in Unbeatable Mind! I put the system to a test when I faced “Kokoro 54” – it worked. I implemented the UM Operating System in my work as a personal trainer, and I saw tremendous results.

I decided to become a full-time Unbeatable Mind Coach to be a guide for those, who want to thrive irrespective of age, gender and limiting beliefs. No matter where you currently are in your personal and professional life, it’s time to climb all 5 Mountains and move towards what is really important for YOU! Unbeatable Mind changed my life and it helps me to stay on track. I’ve done several boot camps – both, as a coach and participant – and spent days in the wilderness with nothing but my UM skill set. The unique holistic approach Mark Divine offers with this program helps me to 20X my daily performance and thus to be the best husband, father, coach, and athlete that I can.

What else should you know about me? I live in Hamburg (Germany) with my wife Johanna and my son Karl. I have a degree in English and German literature and worked as a sports journalist before I decided to become a coach. Thus, my current ONE Thing Mission is to spread the word of Mark Divine in Europe. My 3 P’s are Purpose – To live my life to its fullest and help other people to do the same. Passion – Sport, adventures. Training has always been part of my personal life. I’m a CrossFit Level 2 coach, personal trainer and Kokoro graduate. I spend much of my time outdoors and I love to share my experiences with others and learn from them. Principles – I believe in freedom and that we all have the right to improve our lives. In fact, I think we all must live a good life, to leave this world a better place.

Let’s find out, what a good life means to you!