Join Our 30-Day Challenge and Become One of the Thousands of Unbeatable Men & Women Who’ve Changed Their Lives Forever… With Only 15 Minutes Needed Each Day!

When you join us, we’ll make a generous donation to the Courage Foundation to help Veterans who are suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS). 




Join Our 30-Day Challenge and Become One of the Thousands of Unbeatable Men & Women Who’ve Changed Their Lives Forever… With Only 15 Minutes Needed Each Day!

When you join us, we’ll make a generous donation to the Courage Foundation to help Veterans who are suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS). 

Mark Divine, Founder of Unbeatable Mind and SEALFIT; NAVY SEAL Commander ret.
Former Navy SEAL Commander, creator of SEALFIT, and author of the international bestseller Unbeatable Mind.

If you’re reading this page, it means either someone close to you has recommended it… Or you’ve clicked a link… because something inside you recognizes that you want more. More money, more purpose, more fulfillment, stronger relationships, better health.

And you want to be more.To be a better parent, partner, leader in your community. And there’s likely something in your way. RESISTANCE. PROCRASTINATION. TIREDNESS. CONFUSION. Maybe even DEPRESSION.

Perhaps everything’s pretty good for you… but in most cases… there is at least one obstacle keeping someone from achieving their top potential. And that’s where I come in. I can rattle off more of my qualifications, but the bottom line is I have a passion for helping men & women transform into their best selves. 

There’s nothing that fills me up with more joy than seeing someone conquer their goals, serve their community, and make their family feel safe, proud, and loved, all in one swoop. 

That’s because I run things the SEAL Way.

SEALS are Not Superhuman But We
Are Peak Human (And You Can Be Too)

There’s a myth that SEALS are created in the womb, with steel bones and an unstoppable will to succeed. 

Now, it’s true that to survive the excruciating training of Bootcamp, BUD/S, & Hell Week, you do need to be tougher than nails. But we are trained on how to reach that potential… given incredible techniques & mentorship to become our best. 

Because of this training, we find a way to unlock the spark of human potential that lies in every man… just waiting to be activated by the right purpose. This aspect fascinated me, and inspired me to explore how a man or woman can apply this to every area of their life. After 20 years, I retired as a Navy SEAL Commander. 

Since then I’ve helped SEALS become better SEALS, Fortune 500 companies create rock-star employees, and helped countless men find that incredible power inside themselves that brings unbelievable success. 

Companies & Organizations Trained by Mark Divine’s
Unbeatable Mind & Way of the SEAL

Since you are someone who probably doesn’t plan on becoming a special forces operative, your path will be much easier, but it will still take everything you’ve got to reach your full potential. 

The good news is that if you devote yourself to my trainings for just 15 minutes a day for 30 days… You will have what you need to reach an amazing level of success.

I’m talking about physically, mentally, and spiritually. 


Give Me 30 Days and You Won’t
Recognize Yourself After

This program only takes 15 minutes out of your day, because I will give you the absolute essentials you need to change your life. If you wish, you can devote much more time to this challenge than the minimum, and you will be richly rewarded for that choice.

However, I have made the minimum 15 minutes because I want to make sure there are no excuses for any man not finishing. Worst case scenario, you go to bed 15 minutes later when you’re already tired. So what. You can do it. And the beautiful thing is you will not even dream of skipping a session, once your results start coming in. 

Here is just some of what you can expect…

A Calmer Mind

For some, this might be worth the time and financial investment alone. You will learn how to still those thoughts of anxiety & doubt, and replace them with empowering beliefs… or just pure, soothing inner silence. If you have a Fitbit, Apple Watch, or heartrate monitor, you can watch your pulse slow in real time from the techniques I will show you.

Sharpened Intuition

With all the negative thoughts out of the way, you’ll find your inner truth emerges with ease. Ideas come to you, & problems get easily solved. You’ll also find you can read people better, and make better decisions for your business and family. And this is just the beginning!

Rock Solid Discipline

All the things you wanted to do but just didn’t, will now be getting done in record time. You point to a target, decide to do it, and achieve it. If a task is hard or unpleasant, you just do it anyway… and it doesn’t even feel that bad. In fact, it’s pretty fun! The joy of daily achievements becomes a positive cycle leading to success and incredible self-respect.  

A Purpose that Inspires You 

How would you like to wake up every day knowing exactly what you’re living for, what you’re working toward, and why it matters? It doesn’t matter whether you’re religious & wondering God’s plan for yourself, or an atheist looking for direction. You can discover your purpose, even if it’s just for “right now.” Once you do, absolutely everything flows easier. And it becomes unthinkable to give up, because there’s nothing else you’d rather be doing.

Money Comes Naturally

Notice I said naturally, not magically! When you have everything in order from your 30-Day Unbeatable Challenge, money is an almost unavoidable after-effect. You can set direct financial goals, or you can just focus on your purpose. But no matter what, financial abundance is a certainty because you're doing all the right things for your life, business, & family.

Fitness Becomes a Pleasure

Most people diet or workout because they “should.” For you, fitness and healthy eating shall become a daily pleasure and celebration of your magnificent body. Like money, the effects of a smaller waistline and chiseled muscles will be an after-effect of how you’re living. You’ll look great, but how you feel will be why you continue treating your body so well. 

True Passion for Life

This is something that can’t be accurately described, but just felt. Waking up, being thrilled to be alive. Going for a run outside and loving the cool air flowing down your lungs. Hugging your kid and being so thankful for every moment. Appreciating everything that comes your way, both the challenges and the rewards. This is the greatest gift of all, and when you get it, you’ll know and become committed to helping everyone else get it too. 

How We Do This → 

Mission Plan for the Next 30 Days:

Each day you’ll get a video and an assignment.

Sometimes it will be a 15 minute video where all you have to do is watch, then contemplate the lesson throughout the day.

Other times it will be a 5 minute video with 10 minutes of journaling work, a breathing exercise, and maybe a conversation you need to have. 

Maybe it will be a guided meditation or visualization where you get laser focused and crystal clear on what your next goal is.

Either way, your baseline commitment is only 15 minutes a day.

And all these days build on each other.

 You’ll learn SEAL mental concepts and techniques in a step-by-step, easy manner until it’s second nature for you. 

Here’s an example of what a day’s
assignment might look like: 

4 Minutes of Video on how to use Integrated Body Movement to train your body to enter “Flow State”

3 Minutes of Audio on how to get into the Courage Loop.

3 Minutes of Breathing Exercises to calm your body and bring insight for the day. 

5 Minutes of Journaling right before you go to bed, to program your subconscious mind to find solutions for the day ahead.
I’ll also encourage you to share your experiences with the 30 Day Unbeatable Mind Challenge Community… where you can ask questions, get support from your teammates, and inspire others who are on this journey with you.

Now, if you’re like me, you’ll want to spend some extra time meditating, maybe doing breathing exercises… and you’ll definitely want to step up your workout routine to what’s suggested in the program. 

But that’s all optional. In fact, I’d rather you do not enough than too much!

Why? Because burnout can destroy goals and reinforce a dark belief of “I can’t do this.”

15 minutes is doable for EVERYONE, so I do urge you, that no matter what, make sure you get the minimum done. You’ll be so glad you did. 

Here is Everything You Get in the 
30-Day Unbeatable Mind Challenge

30 days of on-demand training with Mark
$1000 Value
Our proven 20X Mind System 
$500 Value
Our cutting-edge 20X Action System
$500 Value
Our elite Target Selection System
$500 Value
Our battle-tested Rapid Planning System
$500 Value
30 Days of Membership in the Unbeatable Community
$39 Value

Your Price: Only $39

When you join us, we’ll make a generous donation to the Courage Foundation to help Veterans who are suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS). 

Why This is Priced So Low

You may have noticed the price tag for this is a measly $39. Why is that? It’s the same reason why this program only demands 15 minutes a day from you at a minimum. I wanted to make this a no excuses, no brainer offer. 

Everyone can afford $39…And if you can’t, I guarantee you’ll have your earning power increased enough within the first two weeks that it will seem like a joke to you that this was ever a stretch. 

This 30 day challenge is also the beginning of what I want to happen for you, and for your involvement with my team. 

I run a lot of operations with the Unbeatable Mind, including fitness programs, long term training, elite masterminds, and advanced programs for those who truly want to excel. 
My hope is that at the end of these 30 days, you’ll want to do more. That you’ll want to become a steady part of our community and inspire other men to achieve like you have. 

That you’ll develop your skills, mental sharpness, physical fitness, and accomplishment power to unbelievable levels.

If you just want to do the 30 days, that’s fine. You have 100% of my commitment to give you everything I can in our 15 minutes a day together. 

Once 30 days have passed, you can decide whether you want to move ahead toward new adventures with us. Joining the Unbeatable Community means that you will retain access to the recordings and instructions from the 30-Day Challenge for as long as your membership is active.

Don’t Choose “The Same” for Yourself,
You Will Always Regret Standing Still

Think about a time you’ve asked a friend what they’ve been up to. Maybe you’ve reconnected at a party or BBQ and asked what’s new in their life.

For me, the saddest answer is, “Same ol’… same ol’” or “Nothing much, you?”

What I love hearing is when a friend just closed a new business deal, or is super excited that he coached his son on how to box… or when a friend is taking a vacation with her husband that they’re thrilled to finally be able to afford. Or even the small things like starting a new hobby or feeling pumped about a new exercise routine.

If you take this 30 Day Challenge, your biggest difficulty will be avoiding outshining everyone you know. 

You’ll be happier than ever, accomplishing more in a month than most do in a year… and simply be living the life of your dreams.Even a look in your eyes will make it clear to everyone that you are unstoppable. 

That glint in the eyes of someone who truly knows his worth is compelling to everyone on earth.

If you have children,

You may discover they start following your lead naturally. You don’t have to threaten to punish or holler like you used to. They might “want to be like Dad” because on a soul-level they trust you like they never have before. Or they admire their mother’s calm, steadfastness and work ethic, and deeply want to develop that for themselves. If you have a spouse or partner, you’ll find the relationship is more harmonious than ever. 

If you have a spouse or partner, 

You’ll find the relationship is more harmonious than ever. 

If you’re a man,

You’ll see how your wife or girlfriend looks at you with adoring eyes, and knows you are her rock that she can depend on. Fights disappear, and she just wants to show you all the time how much she appreciates you.

And for women,

 You find that conflict just gets settled with your partner so easily, because it becomes so much more natural to encourage cooperation and respect with each other. 

And if you’re single, then…

Watch out! There’s nothing more magnetic and compelling than a someone who truly knows what they’re capable of and will stop at nothing to achieve his purpose. The confidence and focus you have will be turning heads and your dating calendar will get filled pretty quickly. 

This May Be Your Last Chance. Give Yourself this Gift!

Deep down you know you deserve this. You know you’re capable of so much more. And you know for a fact that the Navy SEAL Way makes more proven winners than any philosophy, system, or training program on earth.

I’ve applied everything I can from my decades in Special Forces to give you the fastest and most doable ride to the top. 

While the Navy SEAL training can break people down, I’ve designed this program to only break your limitations so you can be built up to your best. This may be your last chance for a number of reasons. For one, we don’t run the 30-Day Challenge all the time. Secondly… and more seriously… you just might forget. 

My worst fear is you say “Maybe one day…” and then go off to the next thing… watch yourself plateau over the coming months and years… with only a vague memory of that time you almost did something that would have changed your life (but can’t quite remember).

These moments do happen and this is a turning point for you.

Do what you have to do for yourself, your family, your purpose, and your community.

Sign up below and I’ll see you in the Members section. 
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