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What if you could experience the same training that I use personally, and have taught to tens of thousands of business executives and entrepreneurs, world-class athletes, Navy SEALs and Special Operators who are using it in hot spots around the world right now for just $1 ?

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A Personal Note...What Holds So Many People Back...

Why is it that so many people I meet, who are filled with potential, are struggling to achieve their goals?

Or, others who are meeting their goals professionally, but struggling to find balance and maintain peak performance in other key areas of their life such as health and fitness, or living a life filled with purpose, meaning, and connection?

Many feel overwhelmed with personal and professional demands, on top of growing dangers and uncertainty in the world, including the fast pace of technology, political fighting, natural disasters and more.

This is a big problem and one that is not easy to solve. If you feel overwhelmed, fearful, or stuck in a rut, you're not alone.

There is some good news, though! I've made it my life's work to master peak performance and transformation, and I have created a system filled with strategies, tools and techniques for those of you who may be struggling with any of these issues.

And how I can help you, by training you in this same system every single month. 

If fact, I want to get you in for just $1 right now for the next 30 days and give you the opportunity to get consistent training so you can tap into unlimited potential and optimize performance and productivity.

What if you had the same training system as some of the world's most successful and happy people?

People get ahead because they have mentors who teach them new training systems and strategies to keep them motivated and clear on their targets on their path to personal fulfillment.

That's what I want to do for you.

This is the same training that I give to my $20,000 Mastermind members.

Today, you can subscribe and get training with me EVERY MONTH. And you can "test this out" for just $1  right now. Sound good? 

Why might this be a good system for you

Here’s what some others have said…

“Mark epitomizes what human beings are capable of if we can just harness the amazing power of our minds.”  - Huffington Post

“Divine’s practices can help you prepare for a meeting or an important presentation. They help people grow from their mistakes and learn how to eradicate regret. - Newsweek

“When it comes to mental toughness, resiliency and integrated development, Mark Divine delivers a complete package that no other coach, mentor, or motivational speaker can match.”
​​​​​​​- Daniel G. Amen, MD, Bestselling Author

“Mark is more than a Navy SEAL. He teaches us how to be one in everyday life.” - Joe DeSena, Founder of Spartan Race

I learned more in an hour long conversation with Mark than I have in all the books I've read on peak performance...He is a living, breathing, walking encyclopedia of real life experience and knowledge. He's been through more than 99% of athletes can imagine, executed at the highest levels under real pressure, and has perfected his system down to a science. Any aspiring or current peak performer NEEDS to study Mark and his philosophy.
​​​​​​​- Olaniyi Sobomehin, Former Running Back, New Orleans Saints

"For anyone, especially women, who have found the power of sport to be a source of inspiration and transformation, developing an Unbeatable Mind is the key to accelerating success. Commander Divine's team has created the system to achieve transformation in all areas of life." - Tamara Christopherson, US Olympian

Here's What This is About

If you are anything like me, you have probably done a ton of personal development work. I found some of those programs helpful, but none had the lasting, transformative impact I was seeking. So I created my own! 

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. My necessity as a twenty-year Navy SEAL leader, leading elite teams in extreme situations, was mental strength and elevated awareness to make good decisions under fire.

My invention was a unique way of training my mind, body and spirit inspired by ancient warrior traditions and aided by my daily training in Zen, yoga and other meditative skills for over thirty years. 

This is a complete system for self-mastery and peak performance. You'll also learn to master five critical concepts to include: physical mastery, mental mastery, emotional/ intuitional mastery, productivity mastery, and the persevering no-matter-what Kokoro Spirit.

Each of the lessons will energize you and give you breakthroughs and new tactical strategies to enhance your performance.  

Because as you know, it's one thing to know what you want in your life but another thing entirely to have a system that teaches you a daily practice to put your vision into action.

That's because developing

And just like Navy SEALs and elite athletes need to go through training to develop THE mental toughness they need to accomplish their missions, so do you.  

That's why I'm inviting you into the Unbeatable Mind Academy: 

  • The Unbeatable Mind Academy has twelve lessons that can be done monthly 

  • In each of the lessons, I'll take you through a journey to achieve peak performance and personal transformation. 

  • Our students report TREMENDOUS gains in their motivation, focus, confidence, decision making, and physical and emotional health.

What You Get

Join the Unbeatable Community for just $1 now, and you receive…

UM Foundations Course

12 lessons that provide the tools, practices, and skills to help you reach higher levels of potential and performance across five key areas, to include the physical, mental, emotional, intuitional and Kokoro (heart merged with the mind). This will help you transform so that you can live your best life. 

15% Off Unbeatable Mind Experience 
You get 15% off a 3-day live Unbeatable Mind Experience Event with Mark Divine and his SEALFIT & Unbeatable Mind Coaches! Tickets are up to $2,497, but you get 15% off.
Unbeatable Mind Group Coaching 

Every month you can participate in 2 performance coaching calls with a Certified Unbeatable Mind Coach. 

Why Am I Doing This?

Because I want to give you a peek inside how Navy SEALS, elite athletes and the world's most successful people train themselves for higher performance and success. 

I grew up in a small town in Upstate New York and I didn't come out of high school or even college thinking I was going to be a SEAL. 

In fact, from my Upstate New York upbringing, I was pretty much groomed to go into my family business.

And so, I did the right thing and went to Colgate University and then NYU for my MBA and CPA and worked for Coopers & Lybrand, which is now PricewaterhouseCoopers in Manhattan.

I was doing all the right things, but I had this growing sense of unease.

Fortunately, during that time, I strolled into a martial arts studio one day and I was completely blown away by the type of training and the type of people that were at the studio.

It was called Seido Karate. And the founder, Tadashi Nakamura, became my first real mentor in life and his training was very much of an integrated whole person nature meeting.

Fast forward a few years and this training changed the trajectory of my life.

At 26, I became a Navy SEAL and graduated honor man of my class. The rest is history.

Now I want to do that for you.

I've been extremely fortunate to achieve so many of my goals and live the life of my dreams. I'd like to share what I've learned with other people.

That's why I want you to join my transformational program, Unbeatable Mind.

This is not a quick fix or neuro-hack, but it IS 100% doable for anyone that puts in the disciplined effort and has an intense "WHY" backing that effort. 

My Unbeatable Mind program used to be $99 a month but we have lowered the price and included even more... now for just $39 per month.

But I wanted to do something for you. 

I wanted to invite you to try it out. 

Yes, for just $1  right now.

  • For just $1 , you can get into the program for 30 days. 

  • That gets you access to theUnbeatable Community, 12 lessons of Unbeatable Foundations, Performance Coaching calls and KOKORO Yoga training videos.

  • Meaning, you can watch the first training with me right now and get immediate access to the first lesson plan and exercises. 

  • If it's not for you, you can cancel. Or...

  • You can stay for all twelve lessons and complete a journey that will transform your life. 

All for a just $1 for the next 30 days.

If you don't cancel, we’ll assume you're loving it and you will be automatically billed not the normal price of $97 but just $39 per month, like every one of our committed students. 

So, this is just $1  for 30 days, then it goes to just $39 per month and you get me training you every month.

This is a great deal. This is the same training I've taught to thousands of SEALs and other Special Operators, who are using the methods in hot spots around the world right now and to tens of thousands of entrepreneurs and executives.

But I want YOU to experience it for yourself.

So, enter your information below to begin your $1 trial.  

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